Eurovision-2018: chose the first finalists of the national selection

This year Eurovision will be held in the capital of Portugal – Lisbon. Photo:

The first semi-final of Ukrainian national selection for the Eurovision song contest ended with the victory of the singer Laud, and groups The Erised and Vil’na.

Stream channels were conducted by NTU and the STB.

The project Vil’na was one of the least successful according to the evaluations of judges with only 3 points, but won the public vote, receiving a rating of 9, and with a total of 12 points took the third place.

Band the Erised the judges gave 5 points and 8 points the audience, this gave a total of 13.

But Vladislav Carasciuc, which appears under the pseudonym Laud, received from the judges the maximum 9 points and 7 points from the audience. With a combined 16 points, he won the first semi-final.

The second semi-final will be held on February 17. It will be attended by nine artists: Ingrit Kostenko, Melovin, the group Julinoza, singer Tayanna, the Duo Kadnay, Yurcash group, a group of Mountain Breeze, the singer Illaria and the band Dilemma. Of these, three participants will advance to the finals. The participant of Eurovision from Ukraine will be determined in final of national selection on February 24th.

This year Eurovision will be held in the capital of Portugal – Lisbon. The semi-finals of the competition will be held on 8 and 10 may, the final on may 12. The country will first take show, with last year’s victory of the party of El Salvador Sobral, who has won the contest in Kiev.