Poland becomes a European problem – the diplomat

The Ukrainian authorities should not to aggravate relations with Poland after the adoption of the so-called law on “prohibition of Bandera ideology”.

Brussels and Washington will put pressure on Warsaw in connection with it. And we can use the actions of others without hurting yourself. About it in the comments Gazeta.ua said the diplomat Bohdan Yaremenko.

Author: Anatoly Gaevsky

Bohdan YAREMENKO, diplomat

How do you assess the reaction of the Ukrainian politicians to change the law on the Polish Institute nazaryati?

It is traditionally too emotional. Ukrainians in this state of high political excitement are some time. Therefore, for the Ukrainian politicians is not typical of a balanced attempt to understand, to think several steps ahead.

Polish law causes resentment, emotions, the desire to respond in the same spirit. Ukrainian reaction in context it is necessary to perceive as the country’s response, which reflects external military aggression and at the same time trying to deal with a lot of internal political problems.

How to respond carefully?

The Verkhovna Rada, Ministry of foreign Affairs, the President needs to see the broader perspective and restrospective. That is, to understand how we got here. And to understand the situation regardless of the law. First, the General outline of Ukrainian-Polish relations, that they are valuable. Extent to which the law prevents the realization of positive potential of bilateral relations? How we react can hinder him?

Then you need to see a broader context – European. What happens to Poland in Europe. Need to see the reaction of the world – Germany, USA, Israel. Combining all these factors and offense Patriotic Ukrainian law. But the understanding of their practical interests. This should be the basis of the statements.

The reaction of Parliament and the foreign Ministry the impression that our politicians, the state institutions are trying to emphasize their patriotism, in the first place. The second is to show the emotional reaction of rejection of what is happening in Poland. This lost all of our practical interests in Poland.

Poland will face pressure. We can just use the actions of others without hurting their own interests.

Poland will face pressure. We can just use the actions of others without hurting their own interests

What this law will have consequences for Poland?

From the country with the image of the European success story it turns into a European problem. And it is connected not only with Ukraine. Serious changes that don’t perceive the EU. Poland is moving away from democratic values. It is a question of freedom of speech and reform of the judicial system, which subordinates the Executive power or ruling party courts.

This last act aroused opposition from Israel and the United States. They are still gently but clearly Express their disagreement. Mean that Poland will push to revise the law, changed the policy. Too early to say, but it goes to a diplomatic blockade even. If the Polish government will not be able to find a way out of this situation, Poland has a chance to turn into a European outcast.

Poland has a chance to turn into a European outcast. Goes to diplomatic siege

The EU is already trying to take some sanctions. Begins to address the issue of deprivation of Polish voice in the European institutions.

How the law will affect the Ukrainians who are studying, working or traveling in Poland?

If you avoid political topics, it will be nothing to threaten. If they go for political purposes – for dialogue or demonstration, to show his position concerning the Second world war, Polish-Ukrainian problems, such people can be subjected to pressure from the already not public opinion and their opponents, and the state machine of the court.

Therefore, communication, especially with strangers or people with the opposite opinion, even if your views and arguments are confirmed by historical facts and documents, can be for the Ukrainians threatening.

As for Ukrainian leaders, exploring the painful pages of Ukrainian-Polish relations – writers, historians?

Public expression of ideas that contradict accepted laws, even threaten imprisonment. Obviously, such studies will not publish in Poland. And even continuing this discussion in Ukraine, I’m afraid can use to deny entry of its participants.

As a country of the Schengen area Poland may affect the actions of other EU countries against violators of the law?

She can do international requests to prosecute those suspected of crimes. The Schengen area exists as a unified migration space, where there is a common “blacklist”. Poland’s pressure on us. And it is already doing. Several Ukrainian politicians have abolished visas, permissions to stay in Poland and brought them in the black list of the Schengen area.

But it’s unlikely to last long. When such actions are repeated several times, Ukraine will be able to put a question to the European Commission, as a whole, the EU that such practices Poland has to end. There are her actions are not welcome.

This law is beneficial for the Russian Federation?

It is clear that the Ukrainian-Polish strife Russians rejoice. They need any negativity towards Ukraine. And here the mention of the crime, the mythical Ukrainian nationalists, the Bandera ideology. No one knows what it is, but it is the narrative of the Soviet KGB-shnoy school, Russian modern. The more that Ukraine has certain achievements in the description of Russia as the aggressor, the violator of international law. Usually it is beneficial, if not with their hands with Ukraine deal in terms of image. And therefore decreases our opportunity to spread its information campaign, it undermines her confidence.

What do the poles?

Nothing. This act pleases national arrogance. Not a virtue, namely arrogance. You know, like kindergarten children do something, and then come up with a rule prohibiting to do the same against them. Say: “I’m in the house, you can’t touch me”. Poles “in the house.” They said the story is the only way. Those who think otherwise, put him in jail.

It would please the pride of those who live in illusion theories about the “superiority” of the poles, luchshesti for the Ukrainian or any other. But in terms of material, pragmatic, from the point of view and improve the welfare of the poles, humanistic, political and so on is a step back.

This act pleases national arrogance. Not a virtue, but that arrogance

What the outcome of this whole story?

– As such, the end will not. Unfortunately, there are nation-States, politicians will be tempted to use the national question to consolidate his electorate. Not to unite the nation around a practical of promising ideas development, but only to gain political support for the elections. This threat is everywhere, and in Ukraine.

Much will depend on the electoral cycle. How “law and justice” (the party in power – ed.) “Kukista” (Polish nationalist party – ed.) Will receive support in Polish society. If they win then, than to abandon such an effective political moves? Will depend on the reaction of the international community. The sharper it is, the more reason the poles think that they are doing is wrong.

In the short term, something serious will not change. While the poles are determined to continue, obviously.

Poles are set to continue, obviously

President of Poland Andrzej Duda On 6 February signed a law banning propaganda of “ideology of Ukrainian nationalists”. Its official name is “the Institute of national memory”. The document significantly expands the powers of the institution in cases which in Poland are called “crimes against the Polish nation and its good name”. The law imposes a fine and imprisonment of up to three years for “denial of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists”. And also forbidden to speak about the crimes of the Polish population during the Second world war.

The provisions of the law are unclear. It is unclear what is meant by the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists. This creates room for abuse, says Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Volodymyr Viatrovych. On ukraitsev can open criminal cases, even for what they said in Ukraine, not in Poland. Possible prosecution for scientific research, evidence that the Polish-Ukrainian conflict during the Second world war was genocide against the poles.

After the signing of Duda gave the law to the constitutional court.