Relatives of the victims in the Donbas told what to do with the region

Relatives of the victims in the Donbas questioned regarding the possible status of the region after the final release. 75% believe that the region should have the same rights and powers as all other domestic regions.

“Zerkalo nedeli. Ukraine” together with the charity project “Heavenly guard” initiated a survey of more than 1,000 family members of fallen soldiers, which was conducted by Kyiv international Institute of sociology.

The responses of most of the relatives of the victims are consistent with the requirements of the Constitution in terms of sovereignty, security, territorial integrity, territorial-administrative division, division of the spheres of influence of power.


the survey polled more than 1,000 family members of fallen soldiers

Your vote for the special status of Donbass gave 8%.

The vast majority of relatives of dead soldiers sure can’t be forgiven the perpetrators of serious crimes committed during the war. Two-thirds of respondents believe that don’t deserve forgiveness (Amnesty), those who fought against the Ukrainian military. Almost as many do not consider it possible to forgive the leaders of the pseudo-folk of the Republic. The absolute majority is in favour of the punishment of the organizers of the referendum.

More than one third of relatives of those killed in the line of duty, not ready to let go of the sins of even those who voted in the “referendum”. Forgive all expressed their intention to 5%.

There was a video of the scandalous statements of Olena Bondarenko, former people’s Deputy from Party of regions, the Crimea and the Donbass. She made them in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. Made her laugh a word about the fact that Ukraine has invited foreign military in order to defend its territory from Russian aggression.