Showed a photo of the murdered mercenary “Wagner”, who has previously fought in the Donbas

Mercenary “Wagner” Aleksey Ladygin were killed in Syria Photo: Twitter

One of those killed in the Syrian mercenaries of the Russian private military company “Wagner” was a fighter, had fought against Ukraine in the Donbas.

The blogger reports about it Necro Mancer on Twitter.

Aleksey Ladygin “Gloomy” (31/05/91(92), Ryazan) fought in the Donbass, died 07/02/18 in Deir ez-Zor, Syria #gruz200

— Necro Mancer (@666_mancer) 11 Feb 2018

The mercenary name Aleksey Ladygin (call “Gloomy”). He died in Deir ezzor, 7 Feb.

According to information from social networks, Ladygin was a native of Ryazan, and, according to various sources, was born in 1991 or in 1992.

In Syria in the period from 4 to 9 February killed at least 277 civilians, 230 of whom were victims of air strikes by government forces and their allies. Also during this time period 812 people were wounded.