The occupants were shown how to destroy the housing of Simferopol under “construction of the century”

Photo: Crimea.Realities

The Russian invaders in the Crimea and overcome the residents of Simferopol, the ground under construction of residential complex “Crimean rose.”

Controlled by the occupiers, the media of Crimea.inform notes that the alleged owners of “illegal structures on the illegally occupied area “Crimean rose” to voluntarily dismantle their facilities.”

“Decontamination of the site occurs by agreement with the land owner and the developer of a future residential neighborhood in the North of Simferopol. In most cases, illegal objects are one – and two-story home without finishing,” – said in the message.

The invaders claim that the demolition of each building takes less than an hour.

“We see the voluntary dismantling of illegal structures. This is the 12th house in this part of town. In particular, this plot of land, within 50 meters it is the third structure, voluntarily, understands the people, “- said General Director of” Acura “Valery Semenenko.

Simferopol, who “voluntarily” agreed to the demolition of their homes receive from the developer material assistance.

“Today one of the demolished houses is estimated at 1.7 million rubles (850 thousand UAH),” – said the occupants.

“The largest in the Crimea the project of a residential building with a poetic name” Crimean rose “enters the construction phase. Heavy equipment will go to one of the sections of the future neighborhood to the North of Simferopol – between the streets of Kiev and started to get in February,” – said in invaders 2 Feb.

in crimea.The realities noted that on 4 February in Simferopol activists of the “glade of protest” held a rally, which called on Russian President Vladimir Putin “to protect from demolition the house and the mosque” and announced the start of a hunger strike.

In place of the “glade of protest” Streletskiy are preparing to build a new district on 9,000 people called “Crimean rose”. In addition to residential houses, plans to build schools, kindergartens, sports complexes and shops. Now here live mostly immigrants.

Builders reported only on the territory of the future complex had 50 illegal buildings, now they are still 35.

In addition, at the moment, for “squatting” brought to administrative responsibility 15. Resolution controlled by the Kremlin court was not appealed. Citizens paid fines of 5 to 10 non-taxable minimum incomes.

Showed how the builders destroyed the vineyards of Massandra in the Crimea. According to the decision of the Kremlin-controlled Yalta court, the decision of Massandra village Council on the transfer of land from the lands of the state enterprise “Livadia” is recognized as legitimate.