To support farmers allocated 6.3 billion UAH

Groisman promised the greatest support to small and medium farmers. Photo: “The Censor.No.”

The government has allocated 6.3 billion UAH to support the Ukrainian farmers.

Most of them will help the average, small farms and individual owners.

“Who will receive assistance. Farms with a land Bank of 500 hectares. Ordinary citizens who contain cattle. What will help you. Farmers will be able to get 100% compensation for the cost of the Ukrainian seeds of 25% of total purchases of agricultural machinery of Ukrainian production, growers – 80% of the cost of seedlings. Each farm will receive 1500 UAH per dairy cow. Each owner – 2500 UAH for cattle, to give them an incentive to raise new livestock,” – he wrote in Facebook Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

The government expects to reduce the price 5050 units of Ukrainian agricultural equipment, increase in livestock 11%, over 3,100 ha of new orchards, the increase of milk yield of 3-5 liters per year.

In the current heating season in Ukraine the price of gas for consumers will not increase. It will last until the end of April. This was stated by Volodymyr Groysman, Prime Minister of Ukraine.