Two of the Arsenal of weapons found in homes

Photo: Police

Police seized weapons in the premises of local residents.

In Vinnytsia region during a search, police seized six rocket-propelled grenade launchers RPG-26, six rounds for rocket-propelled grenade, 10 grenade case, 27 fuses to grenades. Found and seized 600 grams of explosives, two signal gun of foreign production and about 2 thousand Cartridges to the different weapon.

In the Dnipropetrovsk region in garages of a local resident, investigators found and seized a Kalashnikov machine gun, three rocket-propelled grenade launchers RPG-22, thirteen buildings grenades, eight fuses to grenades. Withdrew a flare gun, gas gun and more than 3 thousand cartridges to the different weapon.

On the facts, the police opened criminal proceedings.

In the us state of Ohio in the city of Cincinnati was detained by Ukrainian Aleksey Gibson, who is suspected of drug trafficking. Police found he also has an Arsenal of weapons.