“Asks the mocked body” – the former prisoner-the Russians said about the atrocities of militants

Ex-prisoner of war the Russians said about bullying militants LDNR. Photo: qha.com.ua

Ex-prisoner of terrorist groups in the Donbas Anatoly Polyakov told that he was threatened with execution during his stay in the so-called LDNR.

Of his captivity he was told to “RBC-Ukraine”.

“There were situations when I mock execution. Taken out to the street, said:” We will shoot you “. Say: “What’s your last request”? I still remember that he asked one thing – to have abused body. Don’t know why, but it was the most important then,” he said.

According to him, the Poles moved to Kiev from Russia, supported the Revolution of dignity.

“In 2014, after the beginning of the military conflict in the Donbass as a representative of the Humanities building at the Ministry of defence of Ukraine amounted to lists of names of prisoners of war and participated in the negotiations about the exchange and the release of terrorists”, – stated in the message.

To create the public Commission for the protection of the rights of prisoners, in March 2015, he was invited to the occupied Lugansk.

“The challenge was to agree on the export of controlled Ukraine territory of children suffering from cancer and tuberculosis. Anatoly says that the negotiations were successful, but two days later in Lugansk, it was captured by local militants, ” – said.

It is noted that Polyakov was released 28 Dec 2015, when he himself had ceased to believe in what ever will be free.

“It is the citizen of the Russian Federation – were taken to the border with Russia, held through the border crossing and handed over to the Russians. Those Polyakova moved to Rostov. At the time of liberation he weighed 40 pounds. There they provided medical care, gave little time for rehabilitation. After questioning the Russian security services followed him to the Ukrainian border, where they handed the Ukrainian authorities “, – stated in the message.

Through his Russian citizenship, the Ministry of defense of Ukraine and the representative of the country in the Minsk group negotiating Irina Gerashchenko was difficult to agree on the exchange.

Relatives of the victims in the Donbas questioned regarding the possible status of the region after the final release. 75% believe that the region should have the same rights and powers as all other domestic regions.