At the request of the arrested Rabinovich estate Levochkina for 1.8 billion

The French court arrested the estate of the people’s Deputy from “Opposition block” Serhiy Lyovochkin at the request of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, leader of the political party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich. This was told by the Rabinovich during a press conference in the information Agency “UNIAN”.

“For many years our country being robbed by the same principle comes some power gains, plunder the country then she went abroad: in Europe, the Americas, Antigua built huge castles, villas – and it all goes away. I think today is the day that will change the history of our country, because today none of those who robs the Ukraine and thinks that there is in Europe or America – it will not get, will no longer think so. They will understand that the untouchables no more”, – said the politician.

In confirmation of his words, he gave reporters documents from the court of nice (France).

“I want to give the public the documents of the court of nice, which for the first time in the history of our country was arrested at the request of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadim Rabinovich estate family Levochkina. And this property is specified together with the cost. The first estate which I was arrested, was worth 40 million Euro, but there appeared next to another, it is here transferred. I want you to think – one family, one house – almost 2 billion hryvnia! The French court understood that the family, which had never worked in business, but only at the head of the presidential administration, may not be the house for the 2 billion hryvnia,” – said the MP.

However, he stressed that he filed a lawsuit, demanding the return of the loot to the state of Ukraine.

“For many years we read about courts abroad. Our officials and oligarchs are suing each other, one of them who needs what. I filed in court, and there judgment in favor of the state of Ukraine. We have to methodically remove all such estates. We started to work with the five countries. You can not imagine what amount emerges, we will return the budget to 200 billion hryvnia in the year”, – said the politician.

To this end, he appealed to the representatives of NABU, the SBU, interior Ministry and other relevant authorities.

“Are you intimidated – if you do something against them, you will not show on the channel “inter”. But it doesn’t matter. We must stop this unhealthy motivation. They are about me – and let. And I returned the money to Ukraine. And I demand from the Prime Minister that these 2 billion went just for the indexation of pensions and salaries. Especially the military and everything else. In addition, we need the year after winning the election. And this year we hold out needs that people really have not fallen. And for that, we need 200 billion hryvnia,” – said the MP.

The MP stressed that he is not afraid of threats and will continue exposing corrupt officials.

“You need three things to fight corruption: desire, honesty and courage. Desire, I look at particularly no one, but me. Honesty is needed, because to me that just is not offered for these last days. And courage, because then moved on to threats. I’m not afraid of their threats. They went against me the information war Lyovochkin, Boyko. They say that I have any possessions in Israel, somewhere else… If they do I’ll find something, here or abroad, let immediately taken and sent to the orphanage, to the ATO. I hope that Mr. Lyovochkin now honestly, will give his estate,” – said the leader of the party “For life”.

He said that in addition to France, the illegal activities of Ukrainian politicians interested in Italy.

“Today I am going to France, then to Italy for a meeting with the judges. We also dug up a very interesting character of our policy. I’m trying to prove it, and believe me, it’s really difficult. They are just afraid. But it is not necessary to do this. We have proved that we will not go into agreement with any of the oligarchs and to any financial groups. Our team has proven that she is able to work and not afraid of anyone. They today understand that even if they stole and ran away, we will find them there. Dear law enforcement officers, you promised us that uncompromising will to fight. I bring to you a unique opportunity to kill the Ukrainian mafia – do it, otherwise people will be disappointed in you completely,” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.