Babkin commented on the national selection of the Eurovision song contest

Sergey Babkin on the national selection for Eurovision-2018 sang “Krzy two Ochi”. Photos

The trainer to the stars vocal competition “the Voice” Sergey Babkin who took fourth place in the national selection for Eurovision in 2018, said to 82 years not exactly call myself a good artist. Noticed that if would feel so, then you will come to a standstill.

Babkin told, which took part in the national selection.

“Today, for the first time, again roused me a sense of participation in the contest. I now fully understand the participants “voice of the country”, who take the stage, and what happens to them in the shower. I like to be on different sides of the fence as a participant and as a coach. The only way to fully experience the entire range of emotions from the different parties”, – said Babkin.

On February 10 the first semi-final of the national selection of Eurovision-2018.
According to the results of the votes of the jury and spectators, the first three finalists are: the Erised, LAUD and VILNA.