Called special products, which Ukraine sells abroad

Ukraine sells abroad wool, umbrellas, feathers, live animals, mollusks, insects and even waste from the food industries. The volume of exports is much less than the supply of ore or food. However, the demand for custom exports are growing. Ukraine in 2017, earned about $ 1.2 billion.

Abroad Ukraine sells exotic foods like frogs ‘ legs and snails, but also works of modern art – paintings, sculptures, embroideries, writes “Today”.

Author: Today

Unusual commodities, which Ukraine exports.

“Basically, traditional popular works: Petrikov painting, lace tableware, embroidery. Buy precious stones, especially amber. But mostly in the form of semi-finished products for next to nothing to $5 per gram,” says art historian Igor Samarin.

Experts of the Ukrainian club of agrarian business are seeing a growth in export of grape snails. For 2017 sold 415 tonnes. In addition, France and Italy buys farmed Ukrainian frogs.

Ukraine earns on the sale of wool. Ukrainian and feathers processed and sold in Poland, Moldova, Georgia. There from down sew pillows and warm clothes.

“In addition, Ukraine sold waste from the food industry – cake, bones, cartilage of cattle. Abroad they make food for dogs and cats,” – said the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Okhrimenko.

According to beekeeper Yuri Pohitoo Ukraine exports of shellac waste products of Asian insects-scale insects (such as millipedes). It is used to make varnishes, which cover the stringed instruments or the envelope of pills in the pharmaceutical industry.

Half of all procured in 2017 ski in Europe – from Ukraine. The EU in 2017 year imported more than 1.5 million pieces of ski and snowboard, and 731,4 thousand units were supplied from Ukraine. This is more than China is set to 300 thousand units.