Called the reason why Ukrainians have to work late

In many companies, top management is of the opinion that for overtime work employees should be fine. Photo:

Often employees stay at work late. 40% of Ukrainians go to work late several times a week. 27% work overtime several times a month. Every day late 14% of respondents. Several times a year we have to stay on the job after the end of the day 6% of employees. Only 13% of respondents never work late.

There are both objective and subjective reasons, why Ukrainians don’t hurry home from work, writes

Objective reason

The most obvious is a necessity. You can work on an important project, which must finish by a certain time.

In addition, often the reason for the delay is the bonus system of payment. When an employee receives a bonus or percentage only after a certain amount of work.

At the same time, many employees working late, to curry favor with the leadership and not to lose his job.

Subjective reason

One of the main subjective reasons – the difference in the biorhythms. Many labor activity begins in the afternoon and the peak of its accounts for the end of the day. Such employees to show the result, you need to stay at work.

Another reason for the delay at work – lack of personal space in offices of type open space. There is late evening or morning time when you can work without being distracted by calls, the talk and the sound of keyboards colleagues. At the same time, much depends on the ability to concentrate on tasks, allocate time, build a working communication.

Often people who wish to get promoted, take on more obligations. Without additional working hours will not do.

The reverse side of the overtime

In many companies, top management is of the opinion that for overtime work employees should be fine. After all, they are inefficient use of working time and other resources.

The same opinion psychologists. They believe that overload at work threatens to burnout and depression. Many companies formally restrict the access time to the factory floor, block e-pass.

State statistics have identified the most highly paid profession in Ukraine. The highest wages of people working in the field of air transport – an average of 29 610 UAH. At the 2nd place in terms of wages, financiers and insurers – 12 521 UAH. Completing the top-three employees of the telecommunications sector – 11 557 UAH.