Clothing, linen, detergent – charitable Fund adviser to the Minister got free confiscated 1.5 million UAH

Charity Foundation “Apostle” of the adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov Michael’s Apostle and one of his son got free confiscated in the Transcarpathian custom property for a minimum of 1.5 million UAH. Photo: from open sources

Charity Foundation “Apostle” of the adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov Michael Apostle and one of his son got free confiscated in the Transcarpathian customs property at least 1,5 million UAH.

About it reports “24”

The decision on the free transfer of confiscated property taken by the Committee, which includes representatives of State Executive service (GIS), tax and customs. Among the assets that received “the Apostle” – branded clothing, Italian shoes, underwear, bags, detergents.

The Fund Manager is the son of Michael Apostle Igor. Having been in the Ternopil office, the reporter found that there is another charity Fund – “G force”, which is also engaged in Igor. Together, these two funds got confiscated from the Transcarpathian region more than 1.5 million UAH.

In the Internet there are many publications on systematic assistance funds toucam Apostles, and other people who need help. At the same time, “the Apostle”, “# strength”, another Fund Igor Apostle “Hope Givet” and about 20 other charitable and religious organizations, who transmit confiscated from Transcarpathia, have one thing in common criminal proceedings.

Pre-trial investigation, which involved the SBU, it is established that in the period from April 2014 to end 2017 benefactors, including funds Apostles were involved in the scheme of importation of commercial goods and subsequent replacement of documents allegedly for humanitarian aid. Further, these products are implemented by other entities, and the funds were directed to the alleged financial and material support to illegal armed groups of so-called DNR and LNR.

The security service did not provide the program with additional details. At the same time, Igor Apostle was surprised by the suspicions of the SBU and said that he did not know why his organization could be accused of funding terrorism.

As for the confiscated, the son of Michael, the Apostle was convinced that the entire the help of GIS it give people. However, specific, systematic reports of the transfer of his charitable organizations are not. The Apostle said that there are only individual acts of transfer to individuals, but they are confidential.

The program also found that neither the GIS nor the Commission that distributes the property to check, whom to give the confiscated goods to the hundreds of thousands. There also does not conduct audits of charities, and have no control over what happens to transferred confiscated because it is not within the powers of the State Executive service.

Mikhail Apostol engaged in agribusiness. In the second half of the two thousand he was a Deputy of the Ternopil regional Council from BYUT, then assistant Deputy of the VII convocation Vasily Derevyanko from IN “Batk_vshchina”. In the next election the Apostle was held in the Parliament from the same political forces. Worked as an assistant of the MP from the “Narodniy front” Michael Cooper, write “Nashi Groshi”

According to media reports, the name of Mikhail Apostol “lit up” in “the Ledger of the Party of regions”. According to her, during the reign of Yanukovych’s team, the Apostle received from “regional” Evgeny Geller almost 1.5 million UAH. Even the Apostle these accusations were denied.