The man who was killed in Kiev, had a wife and two children

The military killed Ruslana Yurchenko. Photo: Facebook

10 February in Kiev were killed by the chef of the Odessa restaurant Ruslana Yurchenko.

Told about him in the Facebook group “Sports club Hermes”.

“Yesterday was brutally murdered a kind and decent man – Yurchenko Ruslan, our friend and part of our club! The circumstances of his death is terrible – after a verbal altercation with the inadequate leading man, the boy and his wife went to the bus where you planned to go, it all happened at the station m the Forest, after a verbal conflict, the killer went inside the market, bought a knife and when Ruslan came into the bus, ran up behind and hit him from behind, hit her in the heart, Ruslan died on the spot.

Left a wife and two young children.Killer – contractor APU, commanded a tank platoon in the coastal areas. According to unofficial information was AWOL, but most likely was granted a leave of absence without proper registration,” – said in the message.

Ukrainian military killed a man at a stop of public transport in the Dneprovsky district of Kiev. The officer part had recently returned from the ATO zone.