The writers Guild of the USA called six of the best movies

Award Writers Guild Awards are awarded annually in Los Angeles. Photos

The American Guild of writers noted winners of the award Writers Guild Awards 2018. The awards were presented on Sunday, February 11, in Los Angeles.

For “Best original screenplay” awarded the film “Away!”Jordan Saw.

The award for “Best adapted screenplay” got “Call me name” and the author is James ivory, who has adapted the script of the novel.

In the category “Best drama series” and “Best new series” received the award for the film “the handmaid’s Tale”.

In the category “Best Comedy series” prize was awarded to the film of the HBO “Vice President” Armando’s Iannucci.

Also prizes were awarded series “flint” and “Big little lies”.

Annual Writers Guild Awards prize awarded for the best scripts of movies and TV series from 1949 to the present. The awards ceremony is usually held in early February, before the ceremony “Oscar”.