Ukraine hit the top ten worst countries for a comfortable retirement

The top 10 worst countries Ukraine took the eighth place. Photo:

Ukraine together with Russia among the ten worst countries in the ranking “Best countries for a comfortable retirement” (Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement).

This was written in Facebook economist, managing private equity Fund on the US stock market Vladimir Kompaniets.

“The main criteria that were taken into account for this rating: the level of medicine, affordability, the level of enjoyment of life, comfort, weather conditions for a life”, – says the expert.

The top 10 worst countries Ukraine took the eighth place.

The leaders of the rating have become Iran, Russia and Jordan. The five worst also entered Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Best country for a comfortable retirement has recognized New Zealand. In addition, the leaders were Australia, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

In Ukraine officially around 12.5 million pensioners. Most retirees pay monthly minimum payments – 1452 UAH. At the same time, the average pension in Ukraine is UAH 2,500. Retired more than 10 thousand UAH receive only 19 thousand Ukrainians. More than 20 thousand UAH per month are 800 retirees. Most, 58 thousand UAH pension, receives a military pilot and Hero of Ukraine.