Business cheeses will pay for itself in a year

Photo: Courtesy Alexander Blonsky

To open a plant for the production of solid eco-friendly cheese requires about $1000. The money goes for the purchase of equipment – refrigerators, cheese-tub, wood-burning fireplace and a pot of 300 litres. Investments returned a year later.

About it says the farmer Alexander Blonsky, who previously worked as a chef in a chain restaurant in Lugansk. Opened a cheese factory in the village in the Poltava region. Products made from cow’s milk which is bought in nearby villages.

“The technology of making cheese has mastered a long time ago, on an internship in Kiev. Cook the Georgians taught me how to make chicken and cheese. Later he experimented with different varieties of cheese. Looking for information on the Internet. Learned by trial and error, -says Alexander Blonsky. – You can cook the cheese for three to four hours. But, to make hard cheese and blue cheese, it takes time and patience. We do not sits mold, use only milk, salt and special enzymes”.

Store cheese in the cellar, which was dug on the farm. His depth of 6 meters. Temperature and humidity will withstand the cheeses right time and make the margin. Everyone can own hands to make cheese, to rent a shelf in the cellar for storage. The maximum power of cheese per month – half a ton of cheese.

“We have a small farm. There are 10 dairy goats and growing kids 18, which he helped to be born. All my life I lived in the city and have never engaged in farming of cattle, – says Alexander, – Goat bought the usual local grandmothers. The cost was different, from 300 to 1500 UAH. Bet on tribal goat, which cost 1000 UAH”.

The dairies of the family Blonsky made 8 kinds of hard cheese. Price: 180 – 350 UAH per kg, depending on the exposure. Sell through the website and facebook in the queue. Ordering is packaged in a plastic wrap and parchment paper with branded stickers coming in the mail.

“I can’t work with cafe, because there is no constant volume of cheese. This will solve the problem of the cheese cellar, – said Alexander, – Now our clients are private individuals. We accept requests and processed in order of arrival. When there is the right kind of cheese, contact with customers, we get the confirmation from them and send the order. Sometimes do not have time to make for everyone.”

Have Blonskij officially employed two sales Manager in Kharkov and Poltava. A worker on care of animals. Summer additionally employ five people.

“I want to obtain a certificate of quality for dairies. We also plan to engage in green tourism, to organize a tasting in a cheese cellar, – says Alexander. Summer already came, and families with children to see goats, a few eco-tourists. Were treated to cheese and Breakfast. The tasting was in a family format in the garden. Money for the meal didn’t take”.

In 2015, the family Blonsky came from Lugansk in the village Vovnianka Mirgorod district, Poltava region, where he acquired property, and established a cheese factory and started a small farm. Alexander specialty – technologist of public catering. In Lugansk worked as a chef, which also made cheese for the restaurant.

Children from families of pereselencev of Donetsk and Lugansk regions recorded the audio story for children with visual impairment.