How much you can save on seasonal sales

According to experts, up to 50, 60-70% is quite real. Photo: Business de

In Ukraine in stores and even markets announced discounts. Sell winter collection.

So, in the capital market started selling winter things. Every other storefront is replete with ads about discounts. “Reset” that promise more than 50%. Cheaper sweaters, hats and especially coats, reports “Today”.

The sellers say that the prices decrease until the end of the season. To no stale goods. At the same time more and more Ukrainians look to the spring wardrobe.

Large discounts offered in malls. Many are looking for branded items at low prices. Therefore, customers in shopping centers much more than the market.

“Global brands, in principle, never play with the “plywood-gluing” price tags. Now there will be one price for the spring collection. But, of course, at the end of the season it can be purchased at a different price. Therefore, discounts of up to 50, 60-70% is real,” – says the PR-Director of the shopping center Tatiana Atajanova.

Winter sale ends in a few days. So finding things your size can be, if you are very lucky.

Director of the Association of retail suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko believes that this year in Ukraine it is possible to observe the trend of real reductions. The owners of many shopping centres are foreign companies, which several times a year traditionally hold sales. Also now in many retailers ‘ sales are low. Therefore, clearance for them is an opportunity to get their money back.