Knyazev said the speed limit on the roads

The speed limit of traffic in settlements to 50 km per hour imposed to reduce accidents, says the Chairman of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev. Photo: UNIAN

The speed limit of traffic in settlements to 50 km/h was introduced to reduce the accident rate.

This was stated by the Chairman of the National police Sergey Knyazev in an interview

“When the Ukrainian militia was “Sergeant’s Radar”. You know the joke “with a beard”? Now remained. Only “the Sergeant Radar” does not work. Restrictions were imposed not to punish. And that drivers comply with the rules of the road. We have shown society, government, Parliament – the number of people killed on the roads and causes. We ask the question, what to do to stop it? We proposed to adopt European norms of rules – limit to 50 kilometres. If drivers reduce speed by only 10 kilometers, given the state of our roads, technical conditions of transport, this will reduce the accident rate and the number of deaths and injuries of people,” he said.

But we must not only oblige, but also monitor, says Knyazev.

“We need to measure the speed of the vehicle. When we have this opportunity effectively we work,” he concluded.

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