Not designed under overall ship: published a photo of the arches of the Crimean bridge

Photo: The

In Russian-occupied Crimea continues the construction of Crimean bridge.

Pro site “” published a photo of the bridge taken from the ship that passed under the bridge.

“Construction of the century is striking from all angles, but with water it is possible to consider various interesting details”, – noted on the website.

Earlier, the Ukrainian expert said that the design of the bridge, the Russians did not take into account the needs of Ukrainian sea ports on the Azov sea.

“If the bridge is functional, there is need to change the design to not limit the height of ships that can come into the Ukrainian ports. They have limited the possibility of entering vysokogornyh vessels in the waters of the Azov sea. This, too, is economic pressure, economic blockade of Ukrainian ports “, – said the Chairman of public League” Ukraine-NATO” Sergei Dzherdzh.

In annexed Crimea, Russian occupants started to build the railway spans on the bridge across the Kerch Strait, which will connect Russia with Crimea. In the stairs there are more structures that serve as the basis for the railway.