Reform cooperation with NATO, the United States, spoke about the new defense Minister in Ukraine

A civilian Minister of defense of Ukraine on the reform plan should lead the Agency in 2018, says an American adviser to Steven Silverstein. Photo: AFP

Civilian Minister of defense of Ukraine, which according to the reform plan should lead the Agency in 2018, should not only continue the conversion, but also to be open.

This was said by the foreign Advisor of the Ministry of defense of the USA Steven Silverstein, says “Interfaks-Ukraine”

“A civilian Minister of defense should be open to people with a broad Outlook, it needs to understand what a complex and great Ministry he is subject. Security and defense of Ukraine should be his priority, but he should be understanding of the need to continue reforms,” he explained.

The Minister of defence needs to communicate well with all involved parties, public organizations, NATO countries, various international partners, says the American Advisor.

“He needs to know the history to understand international politics. No matter whether it’s people with military past or without – the main thing that he was a good listener and able to convey information,” said Silverstein.

General Stepan Poltorak Minister of defence from October 2014. He’s fourteenth Secretary of defense.