The journalist wrote a book about the soldiers of the 14th brigade on guard Marinka

Photo: Valeriy Shmakov

Journalist Vlad Yakushev, in the past the press officer of the 14th mechanized brigade APU, wrote a book about the Ukrainian military, defending the city of Marinka, Donetsk region. He said this on his page in the social network Facebook.

“Today, I fulfilled one more promise given to the twin cities before retiring from the army. I finished the book about them. Writing the book took more than a year. Focusing on the book, I took just enough work to have enough for food, looking for another part-time job only when an envelope with money for food was empty”, – the journalist writes.

“I think it was the happiest year of my life. I was doing a job that I liked. I lived this job. Was your story, page by page, reliving all that he saw in the war. But the book is not about me, not even about the war. It’s about people. About their lives, hopes, feelings, concerns. About good and bad, heroic and disappointing. About. .. But I will not get ahead of ourselves,” said he.

According to him, at least another two weeks will go to editing and layout. And then will look for the editor, who agreed to print the book.

“I’d like to see the book brought me income. It is not wealth. Just enough to have enough food while I’m writing the next book. Well, a little more money to help those who are now at the front, and a little more to help House of children’s creativity in Marinka. I always wanted to write. Grafomanstvo in my blood. I don’t know if our country is to survive, creating a book. Doubt. But unless I know in detail if you don’t try?”writes Vlad Yakushev.

On the Forum of publishers in Lviv presented the anthology of the war in the Donbass “14 friends of the junta”. The book describes the fighting, life position, human relationships and perception of the war, the military and volunteers. This Patriotic essay, “love stories,” and humorous stories.