The Verkhovna Rada will not allow peacekeepers Donbass from Pro-Russian countries.

Donbass will not be allowed peacekeepers with “Pro-Russian” countries – the people’s Deputy. Photo: Viskova panorama

The UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass should be reinforced by units of the Armed forces and the National guard of Ukraine, that it effectively fulfilled its tasks.

This was stated by MP, member of the Committee on national security and defence Andrew Teteruk, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“We must understand that we are talking about a huge territory which is temporarily occupied – 17.5 thousand square miles in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and 409 kilometers of uncontrolled border between Ukraine and Russia. If to speak about the proposed 20 thousand soldiers and 4 thousands of police as a peacekeeping force, then, of course, these forces will be insufficient to complete assigned tasks. The only way to get the mission for decades – we must address the issue of strengthening the peacekeeping missions of the Armed forces of Ukraine and National guard, are on their site will provide all the tasks of ensuring state sovereignty”, – he said.

The MP, speaking about the potential of the mission, noted that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will not give permission to participate in the peacekeeping contingent “to countries that share with Russia the control system of the armed forces and state resources.”

In addition, Grouse have noticed that in the mandate of peacekeeping missions prescribed such issues as “the formation of civil administrations, police authorities, the creation or restoration of any of the armed forces and others”.

“Nothing like that in Ukraine do certainly not need, because all we have are the elements of the information component of hybrid Russian aggression. And we are talking really about the occupied part of Ukrainian territory, where Ukrainian citizens suffering from the actions of the Russian Federation. That is, we need to talk about the restoration of precisely the elements of the Ukrainian authorities provided by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine”, – he said.

The United States and the EU should strengthen sanctions against Russia if will not be deployed to the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass. This was reported by an American diplomat, former Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow.