With the outbreak of war opened the arsenals suffered a surge of resistance to the police – Knyazev

Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa – the four most troubled region in the number of offences in the country. Farther West, the less crimes are committed. It does not depend on the law enforcement system, and the mentality of the society, – says the head of the National police, 46-year-old Sergey Knyazev in an interview Gazeta.ua.

Author: Taras PODOLYAN

Sergey Knyazev: “Human reason set up, that the war is somewhere far away. Somewhere on the demarcation line, plus or minus 100 meters back, 100 meters here. In fact, the war has no boundaries”

Meeting 5 Feb at 18:30 in his office in the Ministry of internal Affairs, Akademika Bogomoltsa str. in Kiev. The head of national police stayed for half an hour because of a meeting. Warns that the soon to be at another meeting in the presidential Administration.

In the office, no personal items and vases.

Since March last year, received 20 thousand photos and 1491 video

No matter who is in office. An important volume of information with which we work. Per day get an average of 300 text messages, about five hundred calls. And this information is not an anecdote that can be nedelishte and nedelishte. It requires or attention, or reaction and decision-making. This tube I activated in March of last year (shows mobile phone. – Gazeta.ua). Have today, see photo 20, video – 1491. It’s all operational messages, – says Sergey.

Last year there were several high-profile killings. In particular, the Amines Okueva, Maxim Shapoval, Alexander Kharaberyush, Denis Boronenkov. They can be prevented?

No. People for some reason in the first place media set up, that the war is somewhere far away. Somewhere on the demarcation line, plus or minus 100 meters back, 100 meters here. In the distance, a 45-millimeter mortar 3 kilometers. In fact, the war has no borders. You mentioned war-related crimes. The majority of these attacks. This is the reaction of our enemies. How they can be prevented? Then would kill another person. If you imagine that would be a security to another level, more dense, perhaps, the presidential standard – would have killed others. Opponents choose a victim and act – and see what happens.

Very often people ask me: when? High-profile killings in the past year were more. Some of them disclosed. And society as a whole was pretty.

Author: Taras PODOLYAN

In the Donbas a lot of police officers and offenders uncomfortable, the head of national police Sergey Knyazev

What crimes are most common?

Traditional theft. The whole spectrum of houses, from the local area, apartments. By the way, this crime is most common everywhere, not just in our country.

What are the regional differences between the crimes in the country?

They exist. The lowest level of crime in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

In most cases, the offense arises situational: bad – stole

Left all the criminals?

No, all the criminals can’t leave. In most cases, the offense arises situational: bad – was stolen. Question in other. In the Donbas a lot of police officers and offenders uncomfortable.

Dnipro, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa – is the four most troubled region in the number of offences.

People on Sunday go to Church. And the farther West the more. If family values prevail over the other offences less

What is the reason?

It is influenced by economic and social factors. In particular, what is it – industrial regions. But if you take the Kharkiv region, the Kharkiv city and region are very different. A large concentration of urban population increases the number of crimes.

Go to the center of Ukraine, to the West. Farther away, the less crimes are committed. It depends probably not from law enforcement system, and the mentality of society. The people there on Sunday go to Church. And the farther West the more. If family values dominate over the others, delinquency is less.

Arrived in Transcarpathia. Duty officer reported: “Sergey Nikolaevich, the day was so many messages. As many as 12 Bicycle thefts. It’s some kind of horror.” I do not understand. Say: “Report for each offense”. He had reported. And then again: “And 12 bikes. It’s a horror.” He can not understand. But I went there not because the bike was stolen. Sharply the question arose after the shooting of Mukachevo (Mukacheve in Transcarpathia July 11, 2015 the shooting happened. The conflict arose between the parties “Right sector” and people from around the MP Michael Lano. Injured 14 people, killing three. – Gazeta.ua). Then night from Mariupol arrived in Uzhgorod, on the way we stopped in Kiev to instructions and orders. Therefore, different crime situation in the state. But it does not depend on the police component. And we have – when something is bad, it’s bad cops, and when something is good – then it is without them. This is a wrong interpretation.

In a peaceful town can warn thrown a grenade?

In January, there were several cases of injury to police during the arrest of criminals. In Odessa militiaman died. It is a tragic coincidence or unprofessional? What are the implications of these cases made?

Each case dismantle bit by bit. Looking for error, lay out the situation for molecules that did not happen with other officers.

Not to say that it was unprofessional actions. What must proceed? From the starting situation. When you listen to the recording of the message – the situation is unclear. The supervisor or duty officer acted correctly. Gave professional teams, according to the instructions. And employees went on the challenge. Most violations are situational. Go on family scandal – the husband beats the wife. We force police to wear a helmet and a bulletproof vest. Because this is violence. We are not aware of the emotional state of now in his possession. We have 140 thousand police officers, who took first place for Boxing, wrestling, rod, and run at the same time. It’s impossible. Therefore, the professionalism or unprofessionalism of police officers dismantle. Teach the staff to make this not happen.

But every time the situation is different. For example, in one of the areas in the past year, the outfit went on the normal operation of the ATM. During the night this happens up to five times – someone hits or something. They come – and the criminals their feet throwing grenades. Police officers are not killed. Professionally they acted or not? In a peaceful town can warn thrown a grenade?

Author: Taras PODOLYAN

Knyazev: “last year, fifteen hundred policemen were injured during service. It’s insanely much. Injuries received during the events. Unfortunately, the society does not oppose this”

How has the protection of police officers?

With the beginning of the war, when she opened the arsenals, there was a surge of resistance to the police. Installed these offenders. Investigate. Subject to criminal prosecution.

Unfortunately, the society does not oppose it. It’s someone’s children were doing. Their mothers asked their sons, “Why do you beat a police officer?”Or: “You’ve seen police beat? Why just stood by and watched?”Apparently not asked. While this will not begin to speak at home, at work, the number of injured policemen is not reduced. Last year, fifteen hundred were injured during service. It’s insanely much. Injuries received during the events.

In Ternopil in some of the districts still have to wait, when will commit an offence. And there are places where the day is considered as the bundles

Recertification of police officers lasted from November 2015 to September 2016. It was held over 68 thousand militiamen. Almost 90 percent passed. But even those who failed, and subsequently often restored through the courts. Not whether this affects negatively on personnel as the police?

There are people whom we didn’t want to see in their ranks. There were mistakes during the attestation. That’s life. The decision of the courts of appeal. However, should perform can be restored within a day of the citizen to the post. But wait: this post is already. And he works a year and a half. Two in one post. For this there are administrative levers of influence. We have adopted a number of such prevention solutions in the legal field. The law provides for restored to undergo training in a combatant unit. A front unit we have – from Uzhgorod to Mariupol. It was decided all recovered to undergo training for positions in high operational situation, where faced with daily work. In Ternopil in some of the districts still have to wait, when will commit an offence. And there are places where their is bundles. There go all recovered. Some refuse. Have the right to make such a decision and to resign voluntarily.

Many then quit?

No. Some are restored to their inner convictions – he is honest and decent, and it is improperly managed. Some people do not have enough short period for pensions. Someone who wants to serve. Thus speak. And that someone is on your mind? Behold. Will not handle – thank and say goodbye.

Author: Taras PODOLYAN

“Don’t expect us to call with flowers. Meet and curses, mats, stools, macroname”

The reform of the police called the most successful. However, this only applies to patrol. And, as with other units? At what stage of reform now?

On our departmental website is set out in my report last week. Summed up the work of the Ministry of internal Affairs. And I had my briefing at the end of December, where she spoke about the work of the National police in 2017. it says it all – what did we do and plan.

I do not think that only one part of the police community to effectively reformed. You see people in uniform. Them on the streets almost 15 thousand. And the police is 140 thousand staff posts. That is, working the streets a little more than 10 percent.

Reform touches everyone: the criminal police and investigation, and analytical units. Taking a modern European practice and adapt it to Ukrainian reality.

To work the police of any country are targeting? Which model is best suited to Ukraine?

In Europe almost all countries of comparable levels of crime. There are General trends and problems are also common. And yet has its own peculiarities. So don’t confine ourselves to what we see in one state. We are interested in the Polish police, Czech, Lithuanian and American. All that is best in other countries, discussed and implemented. From mounted police to crime analysis.

Author: Taras PODOLYAN

“The Ukrainian people are moving forward by leaps and bounds”

When you can say the reform is completed?

We don’t say. It will tell the society. And perfection has no limits. There is always something to strive for.

140 thousand police officers are part of the Ukrainian society. Unfortunately, for all his vices

What we get in the final stage? There is a model to which we go?

Certainly be. The European community should have a European police. Yesterday I met with the head of police of one of the countries. He says, “Gave the command to shoot on the spot. Society perceives it”. And we is in my head does not fit. The police is an integral part of society. This is not some deliberately created by an artificial mechanism. 140 thousand of our employees are part of the Ukrainian society. They are citizens of this country. Unfortunately, for all its defects. But we are fighting with them. Sometimes more successful than the society.

It is a long road?

No. The Ukrainian nation is moving forward by leaps and bounds. Police from other States say: “You did a lot in a short period. We went to this much longer.” They look professional look. Call the concrete facts, asking advise: “you Should move slower. It’s too harsh.”

The police is the best and largest squad of law enforcement. There are still lawyers, prosecutors, courts, the prison system, Executive office. It is one unit. When this block runs too fast is not good. Because others will inevitably lag behind. And the company assesses at the end result. Well, caught you bandit. Punished him? Adequately whether the punishment perfect offense?

People came to say. And the system collapsed

To prove the charge the prosecution must, and make the decision – the court.

This is not the case when we begin to point at each other. Autumn 2013 witnessed what may happen. Not talking about February 2014. 1 Dec to so many people was sobering. In my understanding of 1 December 2013 was the peak of the disturbance. People came to say. And the system collapsed. Then all at each other was shoved. And then ran away.

A new police resigned. In some areas three times to declare the set. What is the main problem: the money or the unwillingness of people to this job?

To each his own. Someone had seen commercials and in a fit of filed documents. The tender was held. And then there are the gray days. Now changed personnel policy. Every COP should come in patrol or in the related unit. Work there just enough to looked after him, so that he knew whether the profession chosen. And then make a decision – for training, career growth, or, sometimes, dismissal.

Let’s look at other professions. Do all your classmates work in the specialty?


Fortunately, a significant outflow of personnel in the National police no. What some people failed to realize – there are all sorts of reasons. Someone is not able to get out of bed at five in the morning. Someone can’t go out on night patrol, someone gave the teeth. Do not expect us to call with flowers. Meet and curses, abusive words, stools, chugunka, makoholi – anyone that has to work with. Or crying – Oh, the trouble. A young police officer, even physically strong, mentally can break. The police, unfortunately, forced to choose either family or work. When he signed the order about the end of the day at 17:45 and cried and laughed. It doesn’t make any sense. Shamefully.

This can be changed. Because reform is ongoing.

Let’s change it. But you will ask me – why isn’t opened, why not investigate why the offender is not caught. It is impossible to catch from 9:00 to 17:45.

When the Ukrainian police was “Sergeant’s Radar”. And now it’s not working

There are a lot of complaints about the limitation of vehicle speed in settlements to 50 km / h. But who will issue fines to violators, if a country is not certified no device to measure speed?

When the Ukrainian police was “Sergeant’s Radar”. You know the joke “with a beard”? Now remained. Only “the Sergeant Radar” does not work. Restrictions were imposed not to punish. And that drivers comply with the rules of the road. We have shown society, government, Parliament – the number of people killed on the roads and causes. We ask the question, what to do to stop it? We proposed to adopt European norms of rules – limit to 50 kilometres. If drivers reduce speed by only 10 kilometers, given the state of our roads, technical conditions of transport, this will reduce the accident rate and the number of deaths and injuries of people. But we must not only oblige, but also to control. You need to measure the speed of the vehicle. When we have this opportunity effectively we can work.

Author: Taras PODOLYAN

“If drivers slow down to 10 kilometers, taking into account our roads, the technical condition of transport, this will reduce the accident rate and the number of deaths and injuries people”

In one interview you said that the increase in crime linked to the economic situation in the country. And in 2017 it will fail. What will be 2018?

Can my words to be moved from 2017 for this year. But we have reduced the number of assaults. Robberies in the streets were fewer, rape, bodily harm as well. The number of theft of vehicles has reduced by half.

As society has changed after Maidan?

It continues to change. It is very noticeable. We have more Ukrainians. Many issues sleeping with eye veil.