Case Trukhanov associated with loud names

Alexander Dubovoy and Oleksandr Turchynov, a longtime colleagues. Photo:

mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov not received money from corruption scams on the acquisition of the plant “region”. They settled with the Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov and former MP Alexander Oak.

This was announced by MP Sergey Leshchenko in the television broadcast.

“Last week I had an informal conversation with a close to Trukhanov face. People were informed that the beneficiary of the stolen money from the Scam factory “region” was not Trukhanov, and Oak – a former MP from the “Fatherland”, as well as the NSDC Secretary Turchinov, who in the last 10 years close to Oak. They even are members of one Baptist Church. Yesterday, I publicly called on Trukhanov just to testify against those who have been the main beneficiary of this corrupt Scam. I know that he tried to negotiate, including to influence through contacts in America to the anti-corruption Bureau,” – said Leshchenko.

He looks forward to the cooperation of the mayor of Odessa with the investigation and is convinced that the court will leave Trukhanova on the job.

“If the stolen money is not settled in the accounts Trukhanov, he was only an accomplice, then his fault will have a much less punishment than those who the money put in his pocket,” – said Leshchenko.

The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov 14 February, was detained at the airport “Borispol”. On the eve of the detectives NAB announced in absentia on suspicion Trukhanov and four of his subordinates. Suspicion about the case “Crane”.

The consequence considers that officials involved in the scheme in damage to the local budget of Odessa. In September 2016, the Odessa city Council for 185 million UAH have acquired a building which had previously belonged to the complex of state enterprise Plant “region” private structures. She previously bought the property for 11.5 million UAH. Received from the city funds, the firm-seller tried to list companies with signs of fictitiousness, the head of which is in the area of ATO. Detectives NABOO and prosecutors SAP has achieved arrest of accounts of the company-the seller of the building.

23 Oct 2017 employees of NABU, together with the armed security forces did Trukhanov two sealed package of documents.

Then one of the deputies of the Odessa regional Council and the recipient of the vendor of the mentioned building, together with another person invited the officer to NAB a bribe of $500 thousand in exchange for the removal of arrest from the accounts of the company. They were informed about the suspicion.