Gasoline continues to fall: how much is the fuel 14 Feb

On average, a liter of A-95 costs UAH of 30.44. DT – 28,31 UAH, autogas – 13,12 UAH. Photo:

In Ukraine continue to fall in price gasoline and diesel fuel. In some networks the cost of fuel decreased from 0.06 to 1.02 UAH/liter.

In particular, the filling station of “Ovis” has reduced the price of gasoline A-92 and A-95 at UAH 1,02/l. Now cost of 28.80 UAH/l UAH of 29.34/l, respectively. The network Route 20 fuel fell by 55 kopecks./l. At stations Shell petrol fell by 32 kopecks./l, reports enkorr.

Fuel networks Glusco, Luxwen, “Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta”, “Katral” and “Neftek” fell 6-50 kopecks./l.

On average, a liter of A-95 costs UAH of 30.44. The minimum cost of fuel 28,29 UAH, the maximum – 32,59 UAH.

DT on average sell for 28,31 UAH/liter. Autogas – 13,12 UAH/liter.

Fuel prices in the retail chains began to fall in price since February 12. The reasons for this is the decline in oil prices in the world and the strengthening of the hryvnia.