In the Chernihiv region said goodbye to 19-year-old deceased soldier, on whose death the staff said nothing

Said goodbye to a fallen 19-year-old fighter Vladimir Minchukova. Photo: Vstock

In Halahanivka Semenovsky district in the Chernihiv region February 12 goodbye to a fallen soldier 19-year-old Vladimir Minyanim.

It is noted that the serviceman was killed on February 8 in Donetsk region from a gunshot wound, reports “News”.

The press center of ATO staff in their daily reports of the death of the soldier was silent.

“As a result of enemy attacks our defender received a combat injury. The victim was immediately taken to a mobile hospital. The condition of a soldier is estimated as satisfactory”, – the message of the headquarters about the loss of 8 Feb.

Minakov Vladimir Anatolyevich, born in 1998, he served in the 54th mechanized brigade. The contract for service in the Armed forces of Ukraine Volodymyr signed in February last year.

“The guy spent my childhood in the Luhansk region, the youth in the North of Chernihiv. Graduated from high school, he studied at Sosnicka high school, then worked. War returned the young man again in Eastern Ukraine. Died from a gunshot wound to the head in the territory of Donetsk region”, – stated in the message.

Dead soldier in may had to be fulfilled 20 years.

“Vladimir had a good and gentle nature, was a sensitive,” recalls older sister of a soldier Tatiana Minakova. She brought up a guy from the age of 4, was his guardian.

After a serious illness died an active participant of the revolution of dignity, ATO, battalion them. General Kulchitsky of the National guard of Ukraine Andrey Poyasnikom.