Poroshenko wanted to keep talks with Putin

“Poroshenko succumbed to a hybrid model of confrontation with Russia”, – said political analyst Mykhailo Basarab. Photo: UNIAN

President Petro Poroshenko wanted to hide the fact of the conversation with Vladimir Putin. About it in the comments Gazeta.ua the analyst said Michael Basarab.

“Obviously, even he understands that to carry out such contacts with the Kremlin in Palotina format is not quite right. That is why we learn about it only after the publication in the media.

Sands before alluded to periodic informal contacts between Poroshenko and Putin. This is an additional argument for the prosecution of the Ukrainian President in an inconsistent approach in relation to the aggressor state.

The behavior of the President, beginning with his so-called “peace plan” and ending with these secret negotiations, creates confusion in the minds of Ukrainians. Uncertainty and lack of understanding of what’s really going on. People find it difficult to understand that we have a war or any “temporary misunderstandings” with the Kremlin, “the conflict in the Donbas” or war with Russia?

Poroshenko succumbed to a hybrid model of confrontation with Russia, and in fact indulges in such Affairs, the destruction of Ukrainian statehood. Thus demoralizing the Ukrainian military, frontline. All Ukrainians can’t understand what is the position of the President of Ukraine against the aggressor?

Until we see the inconsistent position of the President in the eyes of the citizens. This is the greatest evil and crime in this difficult time. When society should be mobilized to rebuff Russia. Which is waging a war of physical destruction of Ukraine and Ukrainians,” – says the analyst.

Negotiations between Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin, reported the website ZN.UA February 13, Tuesday evening.

The next day this information was confirmed in the Kremlin.

As of Wednesday, February 14, on the website of the President of Ukraine there have been no reports of negotiations. Also they are not spokespersons of the AP. No official reaction of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.