Reported when more expensive fare in trains

Funds from a rise in price of tariffs Ukrzaliznytsya will be directed to the development of passenger infrastructure. Photo:

From April 2018 Ukrzaliznytsya plans for 10% increase in the cost of passenger transportation.

“The first stage of rise in price of journey in trains of 10% we plan tentatively from 1 April. The funds will be spent on the development of passenger infrastructure. Now we are buying passenger cars national manufacturer. Quite rapidly, we are upgrading cars. Invest in the repair of rolling stock” – said the Director for economy and finances of the company Andrey Ryazantsev, write today.”

It is expected that the funds received as a result of the tariff increase will go to a special investment account. Which will increase the quality of passenger services.

“The last time the Railways increased the tariffs for passenger transportation in 2014. Since then the consumer price index grew by at least 60-70процентов. 4-6-fold increase in the cost of utilities and other services. For the entire range of products required rail, significantly increased prices”, – said Ryazantsev.

At the same time, the cost of tickets for trains will remain competitive compared to bus transportation.

In 2017 through the electronic services passengers acquired 41% of train tickets from General sales. The head of the Board of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” Evgeny Kravtsov said that in the past year, electronic channels were sold almost 22 million tickets, whereas in 2016 16.7 million (34% of total sales).