The expert called products that has risen the most

The percentage is equivalent to most in January rose cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes and millet. Photo: Agropoli

In January, the most expensive components of borsch set vegetables and meat.

“In the hryvnia equivalent more added to the price of bacon, beef fillet and chicken, eggs”, – wrote in Facebook Director of Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexey Doroshenko.

Fat went up by RS 3.5 per kg. In the average price of 72.2 per UAH. At the same time in Kiev, the product is sold at a price 110,6 UAH per kg. the difference between the average price in the Ukraine and price in Kyiv is UAH 38.

“Beef has increased in price 2.8 hryvnia per kilogram. Today the average cost of 117.1 UAH. In Kiev, beef sold at 129,1 hryvnia per kilogram. Chicken went up by 2 hryvnia – UAH 91,5 per kilogram,” – said Doroshenko.

According to him, eggs with chicken rose by 1 UAH. A dozen eggs costs almost UAH 28, and a kilo of chicken carcass – 54,9 UAH.

The percentage is equivalent to most in January rose cabbage, beets, carrots, potatoes and millet.

“Cabbage 14 percent became more expensive. Worth 5 hryvnia per kilogram. In Kiev cabbage has risen 16 percent – 6 hryvnias per kilogram. Beets have increased in price 13 per cent. The average cost 7 hryvnia per kilogram. Carrots, potatoes and wheat rose by 7 percent. So, a kilo of carrots sell for 7.2 UAH, potatoes – 6.4 grivnas, millet – 16 hryvnia,” – said the expert.

He added that in January to 5% (1 UAH) has fallen in price Grechka. Also 1% (16 kopeks) decreased the price of sugar.

Prices in retail chains to grow after one or two months after the rise in the us dollar. Alex Doroshenko noted that the rise in prices of hard cheese in the beginning of the year is a normal phenomenon. In Ukraine, the December ended with the devaluation of the hryvnia. Consequences saw in January of this year. Providers and network has signed new contracts. It happens every year. Therefore, despite the fact that the hryvnia strengthened again, the coming months do not expect prices to fall. Except that in the wholesale markets.