Around the new CLA Zlata ognevich was a scandal in the network

New video of Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich for the song “Do me” which was uploaded on youtube on Valentine’s Day (14 February), a few hours had garnered more than 4 thousand dislikes. This aroused the indignation of Internet users. Most supported the singer, noting that it was most likely the work of “haters”.

Producer and performer Helen Brain he wrote: “It’s all ashes)! The important thing is that you are and all that you do.”

Ivan Komarov added: “This is the usual cheat ! People. . well, if you people !! Not so !! Zlata ognevich has one of the best voices in Ukraine .The clips are all pretty cool, and I personally would like to keep their creativity in terms of music videos. Write complete garbage under obscene Russian video “.

Author: Screen grab from facebook

liluSwan wrote: “what a great song. I do not believe that only 500 likes and 4000 Disel is just UNREAL! Clearly someone wanted her lover to do the rating! 🙁
I agree that this song is not one of the best Zlata, but certainly not the worst! Zlata, don’t pay attention to haters, do! “

The song “Do me” – dance track. In the video the singer posing in pink tights and top, posing in transparent raincoat and a “fighting” sword of the Jedi.

Author: Screenshot from youtube

In comments to the video some users have noted that the experiment Ognevich was unsuccessful. And with a strong voice of the singer should find a more interesting composition.

Author: Screenshot from youtube

Anna Butova he wrote: “Children’s style did not age. With such a voice and need to sing a decent song.”

Carte Noire said: “Zlata, I love your songs, been to your concert on March 28 in Kiev, but I must say that this format isn’t your thing. This song is about nothing, for “singers” who have no vocal. your repertoire is a powerful, driving songs. Where without a strong beautiful voice to do anything. your voice is your distinct advantage over the majority of the Ukrainian singers. Don’t listen to those who offer you to sing such “songs”, they are not professionals.I, of course, put like, but this song is not for you.”

Author: Screenshot from youtube

Irina Dudes he wrote: “I Love and respect the work of Zlata but this video is well, just bad taste (in my opinion). The song is pretty cute and on trend, but the visuals – horror”.

Some of the correspondents noted that this could be the usual PR.

Author: Screen grab from facebook

Ivan Glushchuk wrote: “It’s all the usual PR … PR, PR and PR a thousand times … no matter with the sign” + “or” – “, the main thing that is not” 0 “… Without it the artist or the ku-Yes. .. Haven’t had time yet, unfortunately, to watch the clip, but I think it was at a very high musical and artistic level … At least everything that came before – it was so “.

The singer wrote on his page in facebook, thank you all for the support and expressed his thoughts about negative consequences of “bad criticism”.

“Of course, I couldn’t stay away, so I want to comment on – or rather, to share their point of view on the current situation regarding fancy dislikes from haters on my new video # DоМене. Most importantly, I am incredibly grateful! I am grateful to all who supported me !!! People, friends, show-BIZ, You today I was again led to believe that the respect exists, that there is a simple kind of humanity and solidarity! I am proud of the modern Ukrainian show-BIZ, because many are not even aware of how much it cost for “just a beautiful picture” and “easy stylish music”, I wish us all only development and success, especially in such turbulent times! It is likely that the money spent haters to insult me, they could have spent on something really good and useful … And it is likely that after such events I should see a shell … But this shell prevents love, to be happy and to believe ….. So I don’t want to appear, ” wrote Ognevich.

To upload the video online, as advised by some users, who did not.

The Russian group “Andrei Gromyko” has released an animated etericnih video for the song “Deliver to Moscow”. The characters of the series “How the Cossacks …”in a video being tortured and thrown into a prison cell. On the walls – writing on the surzhik.