Calls from Moscow, inadequate Yanukovych, barefoot army – said Turchinov and his Deputy on the court

Today, the district court questioned on charges of treason of former President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych representatives of the national security Council – the head of Department Oleksandr Turchynov and his first Deputy, the ex-acting Minister of defence, General Mikhail Kovalev. offers interesting quotes from the interrogation of the witnesses.


“Flying is a man in the uniform of the border guard. There was shouting, noise. “The assault on assault!”I had no choice – he just gave a slap in the face punched, and that the storm is over” – Mykhailo Koval about the events in the Crimea

General Koval about:

The destruction of the army

“The Supreme commander had no strategic doctrine, command and staff. Under its auspices there have been no exercises with live firing on the brigade level. I will say that the mood against Viktor Yanukovych in the army was very strong.

…Actually people were on short rations in the APU … Soldiers were given rations what bread can not be bought … It was not, what to wear (mobilized. – only one camo, cap short, no shoes – there was nothing, no warm clothes”

Personnel management from Moscow

“Call me the Minister of defence (if. –, so I think: “Come on man, be his business to do, the prospect for a large state”(Koval offered the position of commander of special operations forces. – Mykhailo bronislavovych not looking in the eyes, and said, “Brother, I’m sorry, it turns out nothing”. I said, “what is it?”. says: “but did you in Moscow Tuzla can not forget”. I said, “Mike, what are you crazy. Us that Moscow taxis here?”2012 is 22 years, when the state living independently”

The tactics of the Kremlin’s seizure of Crimea

“Examples: “operation Danube” in Czechoslovakia, the same thing happened in Hungary, the same thing happened in Afghanistan, that is, the presence of the black sea fleet and other units provide ration component. He was given the opportunity to have conductors from among the local population and rapidly reach after landed. Old established system”

“Little green men” and a slap

“Building captured by Russian special forces, 80 people on the roofs of the guys from sniper rifles, in the Windows of servicemen in Balaclava.

…I wanted the first time there is to take. Flying man in the uniform of the border guard. There was shouting, noise. “The assault on assault!”I had no choice – he just gave a slap in the face punched, and the assault ended”

The involvement of forces on the Peninsula

“I’m 200 percent guarantee that would have sounded the first shot – would Crimea drowned in blood”


“Naryshkin began on behalf of Putin to threaten that if you die Russian-speaking people, they have the potential to destroy the new Ukrainian government” – Alexander Turchinov

Oleksandr Turchynov on:

Calls from the Kremlin

“During a meeting of the Council of national security and defense told me that calling the President of the Russian state Duma Sergey Naryshkin. I took a break and spoke with Naryshkin. He said that the Russian Federation recognizes me as the legitimate Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. But fundamentally do not recognize my authority as acting President, considering that we force seized power. Through his words emphasized that the legitimate President is Yanukovych, and he is willing to accept the information and keep the message with Ukraine.

At the same time, Naryshkin began, as I understand it, on behalf of Putin, to threaten that if you die Russian-speaking people, they have the potential to destroy the new Ukrainian government”

The Lawyer Yanukovych

“What is this clown that prevents me to speak?”

The Declaration of war with Russia

“Today we have no military means to counter a nuclear state in the case of applying the whole Arsenal of weapons. That is why the Declaration of war in February-March 2014 and, unfortunately, now that we have an efficient army, the military-industrial complex, have weapons, which is enough to protect the country, but now, unfortunately, we can’t declare war on the aggressor. Because Russia is a nuclear state”

Lies in 2014

“After the country began Russian aggression, after the Russian troops began to seize military units, began a separatist insurgency in various regions in the country was panicking.

… I knew it would be a cushion a lot of heroes, that will tell you that it was possible to do otherwise… But I was forced to say that there is an army that will protect the people. I couldn’t come out and say in front of everyone that we have nothing, and you’re defenseless”

Yanukovych in February

“Yanukovych has behaved inappropriately and refused to return to Kyiv”

The order on martial law

“27 (February) evening, I ordered the head of legal Department of administration to prepare a decree on the introduction of martial law. 28th I had planned to support this decision, because a decree could not run when it would not approve the Verkhovna Rada.

… Many political leaders also understood that the Russian aggression can last for a long time. And they had, perhaps, reason to believe that the conduct of martial law, which suspends elections, will lead to the fact that I will have unlimited power and unlimited time. Therefore, for this decision voted I am the only one in the national security Council”

Viktor Yanukovych was elected Ukraine’s President in 2010. Fled to Russia in February 2014 after the mass executions of the revolution of dignity in Kiev center.

In Ukraine against Yanukovych opened several criminal proceedings. He is accused of mass killings of citizens, misappropriation of state property, the seizure of power by unconstitutional means, the actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order.