“Flew in the face” – the capital of the accident killed the police officer

In Kiev on prospect Lobanovskiy accident, which killed a police Sergeant.

“Previously, Honda under the control of the police Sergeant, flew in the forehead Volkswagen. Killed the driver of the Japanese. Four of the injured”, – informs dtp.kiev.ua in Facebook.

At the scene worked rescuers.

Photo: dtp.kiev.ua

In the White Church Kiev region in an accident killed two police patrol. Went on a call to calm a family argument when his official car crashed into the Mercedes. Police Lieutenant 22-year-old Andrew Yatsura and senior Sergeant of police, 24-year-old Mikhail Kornienko died at the scene of the accident. Their colleague, Lieutenant Rodion, Sofienko, 23, is in intensive care at the local hospital.