For the first time in several years fell vodka

For the first time in several years, the price of vodka in January has not increased, and even fell by 18 kopecks To lower the price has brought competition in the domestic market of vodka. Photo: Actually – ICTV

In January, in Ukraine alcohol has risen by only 1%.

“For the first time in several years, the price of vodka in January has not grown, but fallen by 18 cents. Due to the fact that the excise tax on alcoholic drinks made from brandy spirits did not rise. Competition in the domestic market of vodka has led to lower prices. A bottle of vodka at the end of January was worth 81 hryvnia,” – he wrote in Facebook Director of Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexey Doroshenko.

He noted that wine and beer domestic producers rose less than 1%. The average bottle of Ukrainian wine, 0.75 l 58,8 UAH. The average price of a half liter bottle of beer is 13.8 UAH.

“Cigarettes went up by 2%. Cheapest without a filter added to the price of 30 cents. Now cost an average of 20.7 hryvnia. The premium segment has risen by 70 cents. Their average cost is 32,7 UAH. Mid-price segment at the end of January cost of 26.9, the hryvnia, has added 60 cents, ” says Doroshenko.

The expert added that this year will see a slight decline in the share of informal alcohol. Because the cost of alcohol greatly increased in recent years because Ukraine ahead of a plan to raise the excise duties, provided by the Association agreement with the EU.

Prices in retail chains to grow after one or two months after the rise in the us dollar. Alex Doroshenko noted that the rise in prices of hard cheese in the beginning of the year is a normal phenomenon. In Ukraine, the December ended with the devaluation of the hryvnia. Consequences saw in January of this year. Therefore, despite the fact that the hryvnia strengthened again in the coming months do not expect prices to fall. Except that in the wholesale markets.