Groisman can replace media

Stepan Kubiv could lead the government instead of Vladimir Groisman – media. Photo: ZN.UA

Volodymyr Groysman can slip from the post of Prime Minister ahead of presidential elections.

On this site pichet journalist Sonya Koshkina.

Confrontation at the President’s Administration-the Cabinet continues to grow, reports media.

The AP is already planned and is not excluded – will try to implement the scenario “the Premier’s removal”.

The nominal reason: another increase – because of the demands of the IMF – in tariffs. The result, street protests, the indignation of Parliament and all that this implies.

Potential “acting” – Stepan Kubiv, the journalist writes. On the parliamentary crisis that will inevitably follow, no big thinking.

Also Bankova does not exclude scancare early elections.

If by the end of summer-beginning of autumn it becomes clear that the objective ratings Petro Poroshenko do not allow him to be elected, and with the mayors and the majority anything goes wrong, will be launched the mechanism of dissolution of Parliament (you will have to do until October, because less than a year before the expiration of the term of the current convocation to annul it is impossible), reports media.

Formal excuses: incapacity of the coalition, the inefficiency of legislators, the unsatisfactory pace of reforms.

“The risks are certainly high. But, let’s face it: if Poroshenko will win presidential, parliamentary, we all Khan”, the site quoted a senior ally of the President.

The government of Vladimir Groisman started to work in April 2016. Then the Verkhovna Rada 257 votes supported his candidacy for Prime Minister.

The government includes 6 Deputy Prime Ministers and 16 Ministers.

The Minister of health is not appointed yet. While his responsibilities are the former volunteer Suprun.