How much it costs to fill the car 15 Feb

Average gasoline prices have fallen by 15-20 kopecks./l. Photo:

As of February 15, some gas stations have lowered fuel costs. On average, prices fell by 15-20 kopecks./l.

A liter of gasoline A-92 in the network Glusco is 29,35 UAH, A-95 – UAH 30,35. A-95 gasoline+ sell at 31 and 35 UAH/l, diesel fuel – by UAH of 27.85/l. In the network “BRSM Nafta” diesel fuel fell by 10 kopecks./l. At the gas station “Factor” – 30 kopecks./l, reports enkorr.

Gasoline grades A-92 and A-95 on the network “avtotrans” are 28,48 UAH/liter and of 28.99 UAH/liter, respectively.

On average in Ukraine a liter of gasoline A-95 costs UAH for the 30.39. At gas station prices range from 32,49 28,29 UAH to UAH. One litre of diesel fuel on average sell for UAH 28,31. The cheapest option – 26,62 UAH. autogas costs on average UAH 13,12.

Fuel prices in the retail chains began to decline on February 12. Mainly through the decline in oil prices in the world and the strengthening of the hryvnia.