“Nothing left” – the scientist said he is waiting for the Kerch bridge

Kerch bridge will not sustain the load and will crash, says Russian scientist

Kerch bridge building with significant violations and technically he is doomed to destruction.

Think so Yuri Medovar, candidate of geological-mineralogical Sciences, senior researcher of the Institute of water problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, reports “Apostrophe”.

“There to build it at all. I know that there went a discrepancy due to irregular rainfall pillars. Here in the beginning, when they built the Central arch, which is weighing 10,000 tons, the drawdown went unevenly. Subsidence should be, because it’s such soils, clay.

Can you imagine a 9-point storm in the Kerch Strait? From the bridge there is nothing left at once and none of the sensors will not save. There is only one way out of this situation – the bridge must be dismantled, ” said Medovar.

On 13 February, the builders of the bridge Kerch in the occupied Peninsula are unable to connect the metal spans of road viaduct at sea in the area “Mound – Fairway”.