Showed how Ukrainian tank crews were to repel the enemy offensive

Tankers learned to repel the advance of the enemy. Photo: a frame from the video.

Conscripts tank regiment training centre of the armed forces “Desna” learned to hit targets of the enemy coming.

Video from the exercise published by the press service of the centre in Facebook.

“Training on fire training with defence. Cadets conscripts reflected the attack of the enemy, which attacks.

The enemy, according to the survey, is in the range of 1000, 1800, 2000 meters. With the help of the equipment of the fire control system the tank range is measured and the gunner destroys the target. The task of the military was fulfilled in full “, – said the Deputy of the 1st tank battalion training Sergey Izbash.

During the months-long training course soldiers learn to hit the target with a static tank position and during the movement of armored vehicles, consisting of a number of crews – is spoken in the message.

In the conflict zone in the Donbass will introduce up to 25,000 military and 5,000 police officers