The dollar and the Euro continues to become cheaper

The dollar fell by 4 kopeks, Euro – 1 COP Photo:

The national Bank of Ukraine on February 15 to set the dollar level of 26.65 UAH. This is 4 kopeks less than yesterday.

The website of the NBU.

The Euro fell 1 COP Today is 32,91 UAH.

The Russian ruble – 46 COP.

In exchange offices buy the dollar at UAH 26,89 sold at 26,99 UAH.

For Euro offer of 33.28 UAH. Sell at 33,61 UAH.

Russian ruble buying and sell at 46 kopecks.

If in Ukraine the average salary will rise to 16 thousand UAH, it will keep the Ukrainians from the labour migration abroad, according to the government.