The involvement of the leadership of the Parliament for negotiations with the IMF will increase the chances of consideration of a package of reform bills. Fishing

The people’s Deputy Serhiy Rybalka said that only by developing our own economy we can raise pensions and scholarships.

The involvement of the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for negotiations with the IMF will increase the possibility of considering a number of bills related to the restoration of confidence in the financial banking of the people, to restore business lending and exit of economy from crisis.

Such opinion ex-the head of the financial Committee of the Rada, people’s Deputy of the faction of the Radical party Serhiy Rybalka has expressed on air of one of Ukrainian channels.

“With the Parliament (IMF – ed.) unfortunately, all the cooperation I see. The President, the Prime Minister, the national Bank of Ukraine (meet with representatives of the Foundation – ed.) but I don’t see the President of the Parliament,” he said, and added that during his recent visit to Washington he was assured that such a meeting would be.

Serhiy Rybalka said that it does not matter whether such a meeting is public or not, it is important that it is held and allowed to proceed to the consideration of relevant initiatives in Parliament.

However, he drew attention to the fact that the current government is not interested in reforming this sector, despite the fact that this guarantees a stable development and improved standard of living for all citizens.

“Only by developing our own economy, we can raise pensions, scholarships,” said Serhiy Rybalka.

“This is the law on Credit register, which we took last week. 226 votes – on the verge needed. As the saying goes: “Crawled on his belly”. The fourth time! Why? Because now there is no interested parties in order to carry out the laws that reforming the financial and banking sector”, – he said and added that only this one law allows you to combat fraud, minimizing the risks of financial institutions, and thereby protects the interests of ordinary investors.

The former head of the financial Committee of the Parliament also added that similar legislation has been drafted, and the faction of the Radical party in Parliament ready to support them and has a number of initiatives aimed at the development and support of domestic production, the stabilization of the situation in financial-banking sector, creating jobs and increasing incomes of people.

“99% of these laws have already passed the relevant Committee”, – he said.