The Minister has replaced the military foot wraps for socks

In the autumn of 2007, the Ukrainian military do not use foot bindings. Photo: News Front

On 15 February 2007 the then Minister of defence Anatoly Gritsenko announced the cancellation of the use of the Ukrainian army soldiers ‘ boots and foot wraps.

The decision came into effect from the next autumn conscription. Conscripts began perebratsya in shoes and socks.

Hrytsenko noted that thus “inadequate hygiene and frayed legs” are gone.

In an interview 2016 Hrytsenko recalled his innovation, criticizing the experiment for return to the army canteens of the military.

“Instead of simply to improve outsourcing to a change in the contracts, a clear obligation to provide reliable power to our soldiers in places of permanent deployment, and in the area of ATO, according to the advanced standards of NATO armies, I propose to return to “the scoop.” This is a wrong decision. Well, let’s get the boots with foot bindings, which have been in the army for centuries and which I cancelled. It is necessary to move forward,” – said Gritsenko.

Anatoliy Gritsenko – Colonel. The leader of the party “Civic position”. In 2005-2007 he headed the Ministry of defence. He ran in the presidential elections in 2010 and 2014.