Ukrainians told, I love my job

For 78% of Ukrainians job search is associated with problems and difficulties. Only one in five found jobs without problems.

Each work evokes a variety of emotions. The majority of Ukrainian respondents noted that the work associated with positive emotions. However, over the past year and a half of positive mood on 14% fewer. So, last year, the number was 67%, now 53%, says The Point.

Author: The Point

The majority of Ukrainians have a positive view

According to experts, the self-satisfaction that used to be in the first place, moved to third. Now the leader a sense of stability and security. Next comes a clear conscience.

In recent years, Ukrainians complain about the lack of wage increases. At the same time, the factor of career growth lost ground.

The results of the survey in the offices of the accumulated lethargy and confusion due to the fact that the situation is not improving.

Respondents cited the recipe of improvement of the emotional component of the wage increase. In addition, positive emotions ukrainskih workers affects your career advancement and choice of work schedule.

Author: The Point

The increase in wages encourages better workers

Experts note that while a positive attitude to work in the Ukrainian workers prevails. However, its advantage over the negativity decreases from year to year. Those who are ready to quit your job because of negative emotions, is 2.5 times more than those who decided to put up with it.

Author: The Point

The majority of Ukrainian workers will be looking for a new job to avoid negative emotions associated with the current

State statistics have identified the most highly paid profession in Ukraine. The highest wages of people working in the field of air transport – an average of 29 610 UAH. At the 2nd place in terms of wages, financiers and insurers – 12 521 UAH. Completing the top-three employees of the telecommunications sector – 11 557 UAH.