Ukrzaliznytsya plans to include in the price of the ticket service, Wi-Fi

The Ukrainian trains will be wifi. Photo: RPE

Joint-stock company “Ukrainian Railways” is considering the possibility to improve the quality of the Wi-Fi signal in high-speed trains due to the inclusion of this service in the ticket price, as the current contractor is not very efficiently perform the work.

“About Wi-Fi, then it is present in high-speed trains. What we have now, is a free service. There is a contract with the contractor, but they are not very high quality work. We are considering the possibility to improve the signal quality, but this additional cost. We have to include it in the ticket price. And that’s fine, because if you look at the Internet in trains in other countries, that there he paid. Another option is the use of advertising as a source of costs. But the question that this could work for stationary objects where lower cost in infrastructure. We are considering this option for stations. If we talk about night trains, then investments in it will be much more because they run all over our network and coverage Wi-Fi network such landfill is a very large capital investment “. This was announced by acting head of “Ukrzaliznytsya” Eugene Kravtsov in an interview with UNIAN.

Also, Kravtsov noted that there is a problem with the availability of sockets in the carriages. “Sockets can be done at overhaul or upon purchase of new cars. To date, about 30% of the compartment trains have sockets, SV – about 80%. In the reserved seat more difficult, ” he said.

Internet technology Wi-Fi are now found in all high-speed trains of “Ukrzaliznytsya”. In January the company launched a service payment of tickets in the international ticket office payment cards, whereas previously the tickets for international trains can be purchased only for cash.