In the capital looking for student who jumped from the bridge

Photo: SSES

In the river looking for the body of the student which, he jumped off the bridge Paton.

To search for divers attracted abnormally-saving group of a special purpose gschs of Ukraine in Kiev, divers of the KSCA, the interregional center of fast reaction of Romney and rescuers of the mobile rescue centre of emergency situations of Ukraine.

On February 17 they examined 7 thousand square meters of water area of the Dnieper, and on February 18 800 sq. m.

Divers down the Dnieper from Paton bridge to the Darnytskyi bridge. Search operations are conducted during daylight hours.

1999 the girl leaped up from the bridge on February 17.

In Kiev on Shelkovichnaya str. 22-year-old girl jumped out of the window of the 14th floor. Paramedics arrived at the scene within minutes. Tried to resuscitate the victim, but for 10 minutes she died. The girl had a mental disorder because of unrequited love.