Explained why Ukrainians are actively buying equipment

Interest in home appliances Ukrainians is associated with the development of consumer lending. Photo: Ukrainians Today

According to the results of 2017 in Ukraine 27.9% increase in sales of home appliances and electronics. According to the forecasts of retailers in 2018 indicators improve by 18-20%.

Last year it sold equipment to 75.1 billion. This is by 27.9% more compared with the year 2016. At the same time, the experts predicted only a 10-15% sales growth, writes LIGA.net.

According to GfK Ukraine sales of major appliances in 2017 rose by 26.5% to 15.3 billion UAH, small appliances – by 20.5%, to 16.8 billion UAH. Office equipment and supplies were sold is 19.1% greater (1,046 billion).

Photography last year, it sold 553 million. This is 7.6% less than 2016. 6% in monetary equivalent increased the sales of slow cookers.

Interest in home appliances Ukrainians is associated with the development of consumer lending. So, at the beginning of last year for loans acquired by about 15-20% before the end of 2017 year 43% of all equipment.

In addition, there were more proposals on the market of household appliances. Retail network create a separate area to showcase new hardware capabilities, allowing you to increase sales.

“Consumers buy expensive equipment with lots of functions. For example, in 2016, recently bought a TV 32 inches, now 42 and 50. The average bill in 2017 increased by 25%”, – says commercial Director of Foxtrot Tatiana Moiseenko.

At the same time, the Ukrainians increased wages. According to HeadHunter, 36% of surveyed companies increased payments to all employees. One third of respondents noted that wages increased for those who have met or exceeded the plan.

“Effective were the sales during “black Friday”. While sales increased by 80% compared to average day. In addition, Ukraine has increased the number of fans of computer games. Increasingly, they are upgrading the computer equipment. Spend 30-60 thousand hryvnias”, – concluded the General Director of BSH home appliances Sergey Maksimov.

In 2017 sales of mobile phones increased. Sales of smartphones amounted to more than 4 million units. This is 22 percent more than the previous year.