“Actress-judge during a performance makes the audience comments”: Show “Night of January 16”

Photo: Facebook

30 April in Kyiv Les Kurbas center will show “the Night of January 16” on the play by American writer Ayn Rand. Kiev “Honest theatre” staged in the form of the hearing. 12 jurors selected from the audience. At the end of the performance they render the verdict – it depends on the final performance.
The action takes place in new York, USA. Secretary Karen Andre is accused of murdering the former head of Bjorn Faulkner. The circumstances of the death of Faulkner are not shown. Jurors make inferences from the testimony of defense witnesses and the prosecution.
“Don’t know how to end the show. Ayn Rand was prescribed two finals, says Director Catherine Chipura. – The woman on trial, is a controversial personality. As if guilty of murder. But it is immoral. Does not hide that he was a lover of Faulkner . Knew he was married. Together they deceived the investor. It knocks the viewer off balance. There is a desire to condemn, because it is unfair.”

The premiere took place in 1934 in Hollywood called “the Woman in court.”
“During the life of the author, Karen almost always found guilty – continues the Director. Now the jury say, “Yes. It’s terrible. From the point of view of morality, I would have condemned, but the evidence was not enough.” Showed performance in Poltava – the Chairman of the jury was the Prosecutor in Poltava region. Condemned Karen. Said that our attorney was very persuasive, believed in her. Lawyers like that actress-judge during a performance makes the audience comments. If someone’s phone is ringing, or the noise in the hall – raises”.

The cast are professional actors and theater students.

“Honest theatre” was part of the theatrical centre “Pasika”, which existed on the basis of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. In the fall of 2017 the leadership of the KMA decided to stop the cooperation that has lasted since 2002. The space that was occupied by the theatre centre, the Academy plans to use for training foreign students.