Journalist shot while Jogging

Photo: Magnolia-TV

Journalist 45-year-old Olesya Elder was shot near his home in street 58 in Kiev on 16 April 2015. The man just went for a run. The killer was waiting for him in the car.

“Around 13:45 he and his wife came out of the door and walked slowly to the archway, the only exit and departure from the yard. Machine killer stood so that they were comfortable to use this way. I went outside to walk the dog. When she opened the door, saw a dark foreign car. Another thought: someone came to visit. Because all of our machines I know. Came back in half an hour. Only went to the apartment and hear gunfire, then screams: help! Looked out the window, horrified. Directly into the path lies Oles. Over him sobbing wife. The car was two or three people, it is difficult to tell, black glass. As soon as the Oles went out in the car window opened. The fire led directly from the salon. There were five or six shots. It seems that the machine. Shot her in the back sighting and wife, and comrade, which was nearby, was not injured. Immediately after the shooting in the car window was closed, the car engine howled and the car at full speed and left the yard”, – told then the neighbor Tamara.

Was known Ukrainophobic statements. Kept the idea of the “Russian world” and supported the federalization and bilingualism in Ukraine

The ambulance came in 10 minutes after the shooting. But what could make the doctors to pronounce him dead. Almost immediately came the police. Several dozen police officers with guns surrounded the yard.

The journalist was known Ukrainophobic statements. Kept the idea of the “Russian world” and supported the federalization and bilingualism in Ukraine. The last place of work was the newspaper “Today”, where he was the chief editor. Resigned in March, did not agree with the editorial policy. 12 years worked in the newspaper “Kyiv Gazette” as a special correspondent, a political observer of the newspaper “2000”. Have written 7 books, including “Vampire Taras Shevchenko”, “the secret history of Ukraine-Rus”, “Return to women harems”.

June 18, on suspicion of the murder of an Elder was detained Kiev Andrei Medvedko and Denis Polishchuk. On the same day they were arrested. Andrew Medvedko member IN “Freedom”. Not married. Was a candidate for city Council, was assistant to people’s Deputy of “Svoboda” Eduard Leonov. He graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Denis Polishchuk graduated from the national University of food technologies. As well as the Military Institute of telecommunications and Informatization of the CRPD. Military specialty – special communication, control, secrecy. The election of 2012 was a candidate in people’s deputies from the party “Ukrainian national Assembly”, which later became part of the “Right sector”. Worked in construction companies “Capital Spetsresurs” and “SPF Group”. Both Maidan activists and fighters of the ATO. The lawyers claim that the suspects have an alibi.

The Elder buried three days later at Baykove cemetery in Kyiv. At the farewell ceremony came okoli 700 people. The coffin was placed in front of the entrance is a few steps from the scene of the murder. To say goodbye came and fellow Elder, and fans of his work. Not without controversy – the funeral of a group of people clung to the journalists who came to cover the funeral.