Kerch bridge was built for Syria: details of the Russian adventure

Syria and Russia will trade through the occupied Crimea. Photo: Explorer

Occupation authorities and the representatives of Syria discussed the use of illegal construction of the Kerch bridge and the track “Tauris” for the exchange of goods between countries through the Sevastopol.

The process should establish the opening of the Kerch bridge and tracks “Tavrida”, said the occupational state Duma Deputy Dmitry Belik, which is part of the Russian delegation in the Syrian Arab Republic, reports “”.

“The Syrian President had listened with interest to the proposals about the organization of the sea route Sevastopol – Tartus. The creation of such a path, especially to start-up and automotive, and railway parts of the Kerch bridge is a strategically interesting area of the Russian-Syrian relations. The sea route should not end in Sevastopol, goods from Syria can and should go to the mainland Russia “, -said Belik.

According to him, both cities are ready to receive and send goods.

In addition, he and the coordinator of the group on inter-parliamentary relations of Russia and Syria, Dmitry Sablin will raise the issue of the development of logistics the way of goods from Syria to Russia via Sevastopol.

“As an MP from Sevastopol, I will do my best for this project – it will become a real tool of development of Sevastopol”, – said the occupant Belik.

Occupants reported that the Kerch bridge is finalnom the construction phase. We are currently working on the markings on the road surface.