“Meat that is sitting in the trenches, and corporal punishment” – the volunteer told about the benefits of army fighters

The volunteer told about the benefits of army fighters ORDO. Photo: Vkontakte

The training and resources of the Russian mercenaries fighting in the Donbas, in some aspects superior forces of Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by the volunteer Roman Donik, transfers “observer”.

“There is a contingent “workers, “meat”, which sits in the trenches. But, you see, for me “the party” is not Donbass. High-level professionals who now there appear are often come from Russia. And you know why it sometimes seems that in some areas they are slightly better prepared than we? Because Russia is from whom to select,” – said the volunteer.

He noted that a huge Russian army can take some amount of good Turistov, snipers, machine gunners.

“Plus, they have the incentive system is completely different. The same corporal punishment in basic training. Preparation may be different. But they are learning. Absolute idiots on that side, maybe there is – but not so much. And they have no effect. And the people who has fought there three or four years they are developing,” says Donica.

In addition, he noted that there are differences between the current war and war 2 years ago.

“See that machine guns, DShK, 12.7, we go by a large margin. But on some points it is noticeable that there are not in place. Their “Cliffs” of the same caliber, for example, are equipped with optical sights, are manufactured only in Russia. We get them nowhere. Resources there’s more, anyway,” added the volunteer.

The Russian militants of the terrorist group “Vostok” headed by the leader Alexander Khodakovsky, dug their trenches in Donetsk cemetery.