Showed how the “nobles” from the Crimea celebrated the decree of Peter I

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In the Russian-occupied Kerch on 15 April took place the so-called “Cadets ‘ ball”.

Occupiers say that this year it was dedicated to the tercentenary from the date of the decree of Peter I “the prototype of the noble points in Russia”, reports website “”.

It is noted that the “noble action” held in Palace of culture “Korabel”. The audience was surprised Kerch students, their parents and faculty CGMTA. The new “nobles” performed the waltz, the polka, the Mazurka, the minuet.

“Prepare for the cadet ball lasted 6 months,” reported.

Russian occupants in Crimea on the day of the liberation of Kerch from the German fascist invaders organized a contest “Drill” military-Patriotic game “Victory”.